Getting Started

 Sign in and Bookmark the Customer Portal

 Add the Customer Portal to the iOS Home Screen

Introduction to the Gateway

Gateway LED Status Sequence

Using the Customer Portal

Customer Portal Overview

Configure a Gateway

Configure Card Formats

Update Gateway Firmware

Generate an Audit Report

Customer Control of Integrator Access

Adding Devices to the Gateway

Adding LenelS2 Node Hardware

Configure the Network Settings

Add the Network Node and Blades

Node Actions

Two-Factor Authentication and Duress PIN

Adding LenelS2 Access Control Hardware

Add an Access Controller

Add a Reader Interface

Configure a Reader

Configure and Use the Readers List

Add and Configure an Input Interface

Add an Input Interface

Configure the Alarm Inputs

Configure the Output Relays

Add and Configure an Output Interface

Add an Output Interface

Configure the Output Relays

PIN Codes

Use PIN codes to Increase the Security of your System

Adding Schedules and Holidays

Add a Schedule

Add an Interval to a Schedule

Configure a Scheduled Reader Mode

Using and Configuring Events, Spaces, and People

View Events in the Customer Portal

Manage Spaces in the Customer Portal

Manage People in the Customer Portal

Manage People Groups in the Customer Portal

 Bulk Import People

Configuring Email Notifications

Overview of Email Notifications

Configuring Email Notifications Using the People Filter

Configuring Email Notifications by Severity Type

Controller Rules

Creating Controller Rules

Actions List and Cloud Actions

Reader Actions

 Lockdown Profiles

Double Card Presentation


Configure and Use Sites

Configuring and Using Guest Passes

Configure a Guest Pass

Share a Guest Pass

Use a Guest Pass

Delete a Guest Pass

Set a Guest Pass Use Limit

Elevators and Floors

Configure One Elevator, 10 Floors Total

Configure Two Elevators, 15 Floors Total

Configure Three Elevators, 35 Floors Total

Single Sign-on (SSO) for the Customer Portal

Configure SSO

Using and Configuring the Elements OnGuard Cloud Connector

Overview of the Elements OnGuard Connector

Connect an Elements Site with OnGuard

Elements Devices in OnGuard

Monitoring Events from Elements in OnGuard

Pushing People from OnGuard to Elements

Using and Configuring Elements Video

Configure a Recorder

Update Recorder Firmware

Add a Camera to a Recorder

Add a Camera to a Gateway

Add a Multi-imager

Add Access Devices

View Live Video from the Dashboard

View Live and Recorded Video

Assign Cameras to Monitor a Space

View Video Associated with an Access Event

Export Video

Share a Video Clip

Integrating a Switch Tech Lock in Elements

Add a Switch Tech Lock

Issue a Switch Tech Lock Mobile Credential

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